Ways to get involved

Get involved with World Information Architecture Association by joining, volunteering, or organizing events.

Get involved

Getting involved with the World Information Architecture Association offers numerous opportunities to connect with professionals and contribute to the field.

Volunteer for projects or organize local events to enhance your skills and support the field. Connect with peers and contribute to the advancement of information architecture.

Learn to organize a World IA Day event, whether it's a casual gathering or a full conference.

Read the guidelines for being a speaker for a WIAA event or speaker series.

Everything we do is grounded in meeting the unique needs of the global IA community – and we can't do it alone.

We strive to grow the community with affordable talks and activities aimed at professionals across all levels. Our goal is to make information architecture accessible to everyone.

Corporate partnerships and individual donations help create shared value. If you are in the United States, donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible.

Be a WIAA/WIAD volunteer

Volunteering for WIAA or WIAD offers the chance to contribute to the information architecture community and network with global professionals. Volunteers influence programming and strategic initiatives, fostering community growth and professional development. This role enhances your skills and significantly impacts the field worldwide.

Join the community advisory board to provide input on needs and preferences in the Association's programming approach, and share input and feedback to the Global Board.

Join the global board of directors as a regional director to lead, support, and inform local regional expansion and strategic planning in partnership the WIAA president.

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